The Stripper is At Work

Know that when a woman is a stripper and performing, this does not mean that she is in any way doing this because they want to do it. Some might do it because they enjoy it, but some don’t, and this is totally fine. But one thing you should know is that they are mainly doing it to get some cash, not trying to please you in any manner. Always keep that in mind.

You Might Have to Bring Your Own Booze


Most strip clubs do not have its own full bar. Unless you want to be there fully sober, it is recommended to bring your own drinks.

You Are Not Allowed to Use Your Phone

Using your phones is not allowed while you are in the strip club. This shows that you are not interested, and you are disrespecting the strippers at the same time. Why would you come to the strip club to just use your smartphones?

You Cannot Just Go Around Grabbing Body Parts

This is just in the movies. You cannot go around touching the stripper without their permission. Just like how you would not like being grabbed by a drunk man, a stripper doesn’t like it too. Only because their job requires them to be sexually appealing does not mean you have their consent to touch them.

You Cannot Climb Up the Stage

Unlike movies, you cannot just climb up the stage whenever you want to dance along with the stripper. This is strictly prohibited in almost every strip club. And if you try doing it, you will get kicked out immediately. You can only get up on the stage until one of the strippers invite you to do so until then it’s an absolute no. And don’t for once think that the strippers are weak, they are pretty strong and can probably break a bone or two if you try to cross their limits. Also, it is quite rude to do the same.

Saying No is Allowed

Know that you are allowed to say ‘No’ when you do not feel like it. If you’re not up for them giving you a lap dance or do not want to dance with them be kind enough to say why you don’t want to do it instead of rejecting them with a straight up no. You can maybe tell them that you are waiting for a friend, you’re married or something along those lines.



Follow the Rules

Making sure you follow the club rules is necessary. Every strip club has its own sets of rules and regulations, and it is expected of you to follow them. If you don’t, then you will be facing the consequences, and it is also quite disrespectful to do the same.