There is a set of complex emotions going on inside the mind of a guy and girl after their first date. Questions range from “Should I call her first?” to “Why isn’t she calling?”. Texting and calling are critical factors in keeping a girl interested after the first date. So, how can you do it? Here’s how. If not then check this out

Make sure you’re always in her head

Texting them at night right before they sleep is the best time to test them so that you stay in their thoughts right before they go to sleep. A text in the middle of the day or the morning might be quickly forgotten. You do not want that to happen. So text them at night, so you stay in their thoughts and who knows, you might even show up in their dreams.

Make it feel like you already know each other

Talk to her like you already know her. For example, send her texts like, “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping by now?” Create situations where she’ll think that you know her very well. Every girl sees a friend in a guy first. She needs to realize that she can trust you.

Be available all the time

You have to be available all the time. She should be able to talk to you whenever she is calling you. She is calling you for a reason, and you should be available for her. The point is to make her feel comfortable to call you anytime she wants.

Keep telling her how special she was in the date

You have to keep telling her what is so special about her that you like. She will want to know how much she means to you and you have to make sure that she gets what she wants. Don’t overdo it though because she might get annoyed by it.

Meet her friends

Get involved in her life by meeting her friends and talking to them. Be comfortable with them and don’t make things awkward. She should know that you will meet with anyone and be with anyone if it’s her.

These are the many things that you can do, but make sure you do it right and you will nail it.