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My last escort duty

My last escort duty

London is a beautiful city to live in. The fresh air and the calm wind blowing over Marylebone from time to time make it a better place for me and other people who move a lot. Jack said it feels homely even though it was his first time here. He had come on a business trip that lasted a week, and I was happy to be his escort.

The hot summer sun was up the sky when his plane landed in Heathrow. He didn’t intend to stay lonely, and being his call girl, we had arranged that I would pick him up. Jack is tall and well-built. He is charming, unlike other boys I have spent time with. Even though I do not often indulge in a client’s business, I felt an irresistible urge to enquire into his business.

You don’t want to know how much I know about him two weeks after he left. His business didn’t thrill me more than his personality. He is talkative and fun-loving, and a teen like me loves to hear stories of distant cities. A chatty client makes things look natural for a model too. Our first night together started long before we planned. We arrived in the hotel room minutes before five o’clock on a Saturday. You could have felt the silence that befell us after we had locked the door.

He was tired, and after the long journey, a hot bath was well deserved. After unpacking his bag, I helped him into a robe. I felt his hand grab my bottoms as fastened the robe on his waist. His member organ had also started rising to the occasion. The next minute I stood in front of him with only my underpants. His hands must have worked a miracle on my shirt’s buttons and the zip on my skirt. Now they all lay on the edge of the bed.

I felt the warmth of his hands as they cupped my breasts from behind. At the same time, a lightning-like feeling traversed my body. An irresistible desire was consuming what was left of me. When I came to, he was carrying me to the bathroom.

The water didn’t feel warm. Not that the summer heat was anything, but our bodies were almost igniting with want. Jack scrubbed my back while I went to clean his member organ. When I tilted my head to stand beside him, he lifted me and pinned me to the wall. The feeling was sensational as he thrust his member in me. A girl like me would give anything to be with Jack again. But like the escort I am, I got to keep it professional.

The next morning, I took Jack to see the offices he would visit during his stay after breakfast. I longed for the night for his tight grip on my buttocks and the feel of his hairy chest on mine during the day. The thought of being his call girl for the next week kept me smiling even when he was away from me. And even today, I keep looking forward to his call. I hope he will return, if only for me to escort him.

Why Men Love London Escorts

Why Men Love London Escorts

Ask any man if he has ever been out with a call girl, and the response you’ll get is a blank stare and utter silence. Of course, most men will deny it or casually change the subject, but in reality, they have been with an escort or really desire to be with one. However, why do men insist on hiring London escorts every now and then? Read on to find out.

For Adventure

Let’s admit that innovation under the sheets is the key to breaking the monotony of sex escapade. When a man’s sexual urges are high and unmatched to his partner’s, looking for a ‘fling’ outside the relationship is common.

The man may end up contacting escort agencies in search of a naughty, experienced woman who can blow his mind away. This doesn’t mean his partner isn’t enough, but some men want variety when it comes to sexual partners and experiences.

To Have a Deeper Connection

When a man hires an escort, it isn’t always about sex; sometimes all they want is intimacy. With time, intimacy in relationships fades away because of various reasons, including tiredness and stress from work, household chores, and taking care of the kids.

When this happens, men will seek the companionship of London escorts in search of someone they can talk to, and who will not be too busy or tired to listen to them. Escorts are experts in offering men emotional involvement, psychic stability, and empathy. This helps deal with their psychological insecurities as well as their sexual needs.

Great Companion to Corporate Events

Some men are always on business trips, leaving their wives and children at home. They experience dull moments and lonely evenings in hotel rooms. However, things become different when you hire VIP business trip escorts in London.

These women know exactly where to find the finer things in London, and won’t mind unraveling the places that guarantee a good time. They are no stranger to flashy events, best restaurants, fantastic places to explore nightlife, and anything you need to make your trip spectacular!

To Feel Noticed

In the initial stages of a relationship, priority is usually focused on the love between two partners. Over time, things like careers and bills take much of our time. It’s at this point that men feel unnoticed and tend to seek the attention of other women, including escorts.

London escorts know exactly what they have to do to make you feel wanted and important. They go to extra lengths to ensure your needs are fully satisfied.

Enjoy Professional Services

If you desire to be with the most beautiful and high-class London escort, we have a diverse range of personalities and looks to ensure that each client finds a companion who suits them. Besides, all our escorts are seasoned professionals who provide discreet services without string attachments. They won’t call or texting afterward unless you initiate communication, allowing you the peace of mind that you want.

Talk To Us!

For outstanding premium service, you can visit our agency at different locations in London, including Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Bayswater. Our goal is to bring the services you need closer to you!

Best gift ever

For years, I wanted to try permanent hair removal but laser clinics in London are so expensive, it costs around 3000 pounds to treat several areas. Clearly, the price was a problem. Luckily, thanks to technology, a home laser hair removal machine is more affordable and it is supposed to provide similar results as in a clinic when it comes to hair reduction.

Thanks to my partner, for my birthday, I finally got what I wanted, a new brand IPL device to remove the unwanted hair. It’s a Philips Lumea device, shaped as a hair dryer I would say. Other than that, I can not tell you more about the product because I haven’ t tried it but soon I will. 

First thing after I got it, I opened it and started reading the instructions. Of course, I couldn’t help it to go online and look for other people’s results and indications. I was always interested in others’ opinions and experiences and was happy to find only positive reviews about the Philips Lumea device.

I was amazed to realize that before using this device I first need to prepare my body. What does it mean? Well, you need to not wax or plug your hair for a month before you try this device, or else you won’t get the results you want. All you are allowed to do and even indicate to do so is to shave, so let’s shave ladies for a whole month 🙂

Also, it is important to have no rash or eczema in the area you want to remove your hair. Many people also suggested using numbing cream, which will help the pain. After that, I can easily start to remove my hair with this magic device. 

To be honest I do consider it magic. How else can you name it when this little device, because it is little, can remove your hair permanently? And more than that, you can do it at your home, in privacy and whenever you decide you have time for it. No appointments no nothing. I find it a true gift from technology. Thank God we live in this period of time where technology can give us that and much more. We are so blessed we can not even imagine. Only when we get across with something like that, that blows your mind on how much it can do, you realize how lucky we are.

I am fascinated by what technology can do for us. I know what I want for my next birthday, I have my eyes on a new gadget, this time a home device that will treat fine wrinkles and age spots. I did a laser treatment before my wedding, did actually 4 sessions and the results were fantastic. I would like to try the Tria Age Defying Laser, heard only good things about it. 

Anyway, in conclusion, many thanks to my hubby who bought me this magic device. I can not wait to try it and work its wonders on my body. I am sure this is the best gift ever that I got. I will get back to you guys with updates. Have you ever tried a hair removal device? Is it worth it? 

The Best Part of Being Friends with Benefits

The Best Part of Being Friends with Benefits

Some of us don’t like the idea of getting into a relationship but at the same want to be with someone to just get it on, with no emotional attachment to each other whatsoever. This is, in today’s terms, called ‘Friends with Benefits’. This can be a big of a deal and is totally okay at the same time. Let us look at why being Friends with Benefits is a good thing.


You get to have sex with someone who you do not have to be emotionally attached to. For people who are friends with benefits, this is all they need. They mostly get together for having sex and nothing else.

A Safe Place to Experiment

You do not have to worry about them judging you or being awkward around them. You can openly talk to them about your fantasies and guilty pleasures. This will, in turn, strengthen your sexual confidence. If you’ve just gotten off a relationship, having sex with someone you know or is your friend can be emotionally relieving. You tend to be more relaxed with them, and this enables both of you to explore more regarding sex.

No Other Responsibilities

You don’t have to meet their family, and you don’t have to call them if you would prefer not to. There are times throughout your life when a relationship isn’t exactly what you might be looking for – maybe you need to move to another city, focus more on your job or you just need to be single. At these occasions appreciating sex with somebody you know and are alright with without strings can appear like a perfect combo.

Free to Meet Other People

Being Friends with Benefits doesn’t have to stop you from looking for someone else to settle with. It is a written rule that there will be no strings attached, whatsoever. Which means both of you are off the hooks and can see other people and also is under no obligation to tell each other about the same. I had a friend in London who told me that it is a great idea to have a friend with whom you can sleep with and have no string attached.

Way Safer Than A One Night Stand with A Stranger

Casual sex can be a bit risky but not when it is with your friend. Having sex with someone you have just met puts you in a higher risk as this requires you to go back to their place with absolutely no knowledge about them. You also don’t have to spend a lot on escorts, all you have to do is call your friend and have all the fun you want.

You Could Fall in Love

Having of sex influences your body to do things that are not under your control: When you orgasm, oxytocin is released which is the holding hormone, which makes you want to feel closer and get comfortable with the person you are with. An entire another course of hormones makes you feel energized in a similar way you do after a going on a rollercoaster. Your body is sending your cerebrum signs of affection, of passionate association, regardless of whether your brain is stating you can keep things entirely business. Which means both of you might start catching feelings for each other. And who knows? With a sound premise in kinship, in any case, it could wind up being a long-term relationship, which is not a bad thing.


How to Grow Confidence to Approach Women

How to Grow Confidence to Approach Women

Change Your Perspective

When you approach a woman do not go with the mindset that, you may be disturbing her or that you are begging her for companionship. Instead what you should do is to keep the mindset that you are the opportunity for two people to meet. This opens up a different perspective to overcome your anxiety. You are providing an opportunity for the girl to experience companionship, you are asking her politely not begging, this should always be kept in mind.

Accept the Denials

Even before you approach the girl, accept the fact that there is a 50% chance of her saying no. When we acknowledge this denial, we can overcome it. This acknowledgment is kind of like a confidence booster because you have managed to waive off that factor of denial which holds you back. Accepting the denial also means not to push her decision or keep on begging her to allow you or try our services. Never force yourself upon anyone. Take the decision and leave it.

Build Courage by Acknowledging Yourself

When you are going for the girl you desire, acknowledge the fact that you are overcoming your boundaries and finally stepping out. Encourage yourself positively, and you will retain your courage. Instead of seeing the whole process as something fearful, imbibe your mind with positivity and self-evaluating remarks. When you condition yourself to do this before you approach someone, you end up being confident and courageous.


Remember that there are plenty of other women, who want to interact with men, so don’t beat yourself if you can’t approach anyone correctly for the first few times. After a lot of interactions, you will start to realise that it’s not a huge task instead it is just a casual interaction between two people. Do not jump yourself into conclusion each time you meet the girl, interact more and in the end; you will find a woman who is compatible with you.

3 Second Rule

The three-second rule is the golden rule that can be followed by men who lack the confidence to approach. This rule acts as a catalyst for your faith. What the rule states are that you should approach the desired girl within 3 seconds of you seeing her. This prompts you into action and reduces the chance of you over analysing. You should be a man of action and brim your conversations with confidence, the right kind not the cocky one.

Share First

Introduce yourself first and share your thoughts about her, then you give her the chance to talk about herself. This should be done in a natural way, not in a way where you will be butting into her conversation. Make a proper introduction and make her comfortable, put up a point of topic for the conversation to pick off, when you introduce yourself.

Things to Know About Before Going to A Strip Club

Things to Know About Before Going to A Strip Club

The Stripper is At Work

Know that when a woman is a stripper and performing, this does not mean that she is in any way doing this because they want to do it. Some might do it because they enjoy it, but some don’t, and this is totally fine. But one thing you should know is that they are mainly doing it to get some cash, not trying to please you in any manner. Always keep that in mind.

You Might Have to Bring Your Own Booze


Most strip clubs do not have its own full bar. Unless you want to be there fully sober, it is recommended to bring your own drinks.

You Are Not Allowed to Use Your Phone

Using your phones is not allowed while you are in the strip club. This shows that you are not interested, and you are disrespecting the strippers at the same time. Why would you come to the strip club to just use your smartphones?

You Cannot Just Go Around Grabbing Body Parts

This is just in the movies. You cannot go around touching the stripper without their permission. Just like how you would not like being grabbed by a drunk man, a stripper doesn’t like it too. Only because their job requires them to be sexually appealing does not mean you have their consent to touch them.

You Cannot Climb Up the Stage

Unlike movies, you cannot just climb up the stage whenever you want to dance along with the stripper. This is strictly prohibited in almost every strip club. And if you try doing it, you will get kicked out immediately. You can only get up on the stage until one of the strippers invite you to do so until then it’s an absolute no. And don’t for once think that the strippers are weak, they are pretty strong and can probably break a bone or two if you try to cross their limits. Also, it is quite rude to do the same.

Saying No is Allowed

Know that you are allowed to say ‘No’ when you do not feel like it. If you’re not up for them giving you a lap dance or do not want to dance with them be kind enough to say why you don’t want to do it instead of rejecting them with a straight up no. You can maybe tell them that you are waiting for a friend, you’re married or something along those lines.



Follow the Rules

Making sure you follow the club rules is necessary. Every strip club has its own sets of rules and regulations, and it is expected of you to follow them. If you don’t, then you will be facing the consequences, and it is also quite disrespectful to do the same.

How to plan a romantic trip with your boyfriend

How to plan a romantic trip with your boyfriend

  1. Plan a budget- Choose the amount you can manage to spend on this trip by making a movement budget. That will probably decide if you push some place a couple of hours away or hop on a flight to another country. Regardless of whether you don’t own a car, renting one for a couple of days might be cheaper than round-trip flights for two individuals, particularly in the event that you select a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  2. Look up locations near you- In case you’re arranging an end of the week escape, it’s best to pick somewhere you could get to inside a couple of hours. Else you’ll invest excessively of your energy voyaging instead of making the most of your destination. Start via looking on the web for goals in your locale. Sort things like “sentimental excursions close Chicago” or “sentimental goals inside 3 long periods of me” into a web crawler.
  3. Research exotic locations- Tropical destinations don’t need to be distant, regardless of whether you’re on a budget. Many travel sites offer arrangements on flight and inn bundles, and a few bundles even incorporate suppers and exercises. Simply make certain to peruse the fine print with these arrangements to make sure you realize what’s incorporated and whether they’re refundable if your plans change.
  4. Look up romantic restaurants- Inquiry sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp for sentimental eateries close to your lodging. Search for places with a view overlooking the water or mountains or endeavor to find bars with private corners or chimneys. Likewise, consider cuisines that allow you to draw nearer and share plates, similar to tapas or fondue.
  5. Schedule a couple’s spa service- On the off chance that you both appreciate being pampered, plan a couple’s back rub or facial. This is a decent method to treat yourselves and loosen up together. On the off chance that your lodging doesn’t have a spa, or you’re staying in an Airbnb, ask the attendant or host if there’s a respectable spa close-by they can prescribe

6. Go on an adventure- Research nearby outdoors for mountain climbing, hot air balloon rides, scuba diving, wilderness rafting, or horseback riding. Pick something that energizes both of you, regardless of whether it appears to be scary. Doing this together is a chance to bond and gain fun experiences.

7. Plan the trip together- Ask your boyfriend what they need to do and what they hope to escape the trip. On the off chance that you plan everything yourself, the other individual doesn’t get the opportunity to share the excitement. Also, you risk planning a trip that doesn’t speak to them as much as it does to you.

How to keep a girl interested after the first date

How to keep a girl interested after the first date

There is a set of complex emotions going on inside the mind of a guy and girl after their first date. Questions range from “Should I call her first?” to “Why isn’t she calling?”. Texting and calling are critical factors in keeping a girl interested after the first date. So, how can you do it? Here’s how. If not then check this out

Make sure you’re always in her head

Texting them at night right before they sleep is the best time to test them so that you stay in their thoughts right before they go to sleep. A text in the middle of the day or the morning might be quickly forgotten. You do not want that to happen. So text them at night, so you stay in their thoughts and who knows, you might even show up in their dreams.

Make it feel like you already know each other

Talk to her like you already know her. For example, send her texts like, “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping by now?” Create situations where she’ll think that you know her very well. Every girl sees a friend in a guy first. She needs to realize that she can trust you.

Be available all the time

You have to be available all the time. She should be able to talk to you whenever she is calling you. She is calling you for a reason, and you should be available for her. The point is to make her feel comfortable to call you anytime she wants.

Keep telling her how special she was in the date

You have to keep telling her what is so special about her that you like. She will want to know how much she means to you and you have to make sure that she gets what she wants. Don’t overdo it though because she might get annoyed by it.

Meet her friends

Get involved in her life by meeting her friends and talking to them. Be comfortable with them and don’t make things awkward. She should know that you will meet with anyone and be with anyone if it’s her.

These are the many things that you can do, but make sure you do it right and you will nail it.

Romantic things you can tell your boyfriend

Romantic things you can tell your boyfriend

People always say that in a relationship, guys always need to do something that makes the girl happy. It’s not always true. There is also an expectation that a guy has from a girl, about the things she says and the things she does. Are you looking for things that you can tell your boyfriend so that you can make him blush? Here are a few things that you can say:

I love you

This might be a bit obvious, but it is beneficial. Sometimes you get very lazy in a relationship and tend forget to tell those things. Never underestimate the power of these three words. It can be said in many different ways with passion and love. And it will never fail to get into his head.

We have our ups and downs, but it’s worth it

This is a fantastic line to tell. This means that you know that your life and your relationship isn’t a fairy tale, but you still want to hold on to it. You always want that real relationship and not just a fake fairy tale. It does how much you love that person and how much you’re willing to do for them.

I’m addicted to you and your love

Sometimes you don’t get enough of your man, and it leaves you craving for more and more whenever he isn’t with you. The feeling is likewise, and he probably feels the same way too. Lines like this help in expressing your crave for the other person and have a massive chance of getting into your man’s head.

I would give anything to be with you

Many things have the potential to damage a relationship like a long distance, misunderstandings, a third person, etc. The best thing to do then is to make your man realize that you are willing to sacrifice anything for him.

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Too cliche? That’s right. But the point is also correct. You wouldn’t care what other people say about the man you love. You would like him anyway. No matter how much wrong people think it is, it is always right to enjoy your man.

These are the things that you can tell the man you love to make him feel special and alright. However, make sure you say these things at the right moment and the right time. You will know when it is.

How to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner

How to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner

  1. Give gift that keeps giving- As we scanned for the ideal present for our sweethearts last Valentine’s Day, we realized that folks love two things: brew and bunches of lager. It was with this data that we discovered Amazing Clubs. Stunning Clubs is a site that gives you a chance to send a 12-pack of gourmet lager to your beau consistently for the same number of months as you pick. On the off chance that brew is excessively expensive, you can likewise arrange espresso, BBQ sauce or frozen yogurt.
  2. Buy him tickets to game- On the off chance that you need the greater part of his companions to state, “You genuinely have the best sweetheart ever,” tickets to his most loved wearing occasion are the best approach. Not exclusively will you make his night and demonstrate that you’re into his interests, yet you’ll likewise get the opportunity to share something unique to him together, and what’s superior to that? StubHub is an incredible place to search for marked down tickets.
  3. Do dinner in bed- Going out for Valentine’s Day is a tradition that needs to pass on. Except if you’re Posh and Becks, the service will undoubtedly be horrible, the menu constrained and the costs soak. Rather, have a go at requesting in from a most loved eatery and eating the dinner in bed. Spend the night unwinding over great sustenance and comfortable organization rather than cramped with outsiders.
  4. Make him a meal- Strawberry bellinis, chicken parmesan, spaghetti and chocolate mousse—nothing will influence your man to swoon more rapidly than a delectable Valentine’s supper. In case you’re feeling aspiring and additional sweet, cooking supper for your beau is the best approach. In case you’re an elite player in the kitchen, look at Food Network’s Valentine’s Day sustenance and sweet formulas. Notwithstanding, in case you’re similar to the greater part of us and cooking a full gourmet dinner isn’t a plausibility, take a gander at ifood’s straightforward formulas, similar to heart-molded pizza. Additionally, if your beau is available, cook supper together—it will be shockingly hot to see your person move around the kitchen.
  5. Take a trip down memory lane- Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is tied in with praising the occasion, there’s no better day to ponder what fulfills you so with your man in any case. An extraordinary method to praise your relationship is to influence a scrapbook—to glance through old pictures, find adorable stickers and paper and after that channel your inward Warhol. In the event that making a full scrapbook is excessively tedious, influence an arrangement to card or small-scale scrapbook.