Some of us don’t like the idea of getting into a relationship but at the same want to be with someone to just get it on, with no emotional attachment to each other whatsoever. This is, in today’s terms, called ‘Friends with Benefits’. This can be a big of a deal and is totally okay at the same time. Let us look at why being Friends with Benefits is a good thing.


You get to have sex with someone who you do not have to be emotionally attached to. For people who are friends with benefits, this is all they need. They mostly get together for having sex and nothing else.

A Safe Place to Experiment

You do not have to worry about them judging you or being awkward around them. You can openly talk to them about your fantasies and guilty pleasures. This will, in turn, strengthen your sexual confidence. If you’ve just gotten off a relationship, having sex with someone you know or is your friend can be emotionally relieving. You tend to be more relaxed with them, and this enables both of you to explore more regarding sex.

No Other Responsibilities

You don’t have to meet their family, and you don’t have to call them if you would prefer not to. There are times throughout your life when a relationship isn’t exactly what you might be looking for – maybe you need to move to another city, focus more on your job or you just need to be single. At these occasions appreciating sex with somebody you know and are alright with without strings can appear like a perfect combo.

Free to Meet Other People

Being Friends with Benefits doesn’t have to stop you from looking for someone else to settle with. It is a written rule that there will be no strings attached, whatsoever. Which means both of you are off the hooks and can see other people and also is under no obligation to tell each other about the same. I had a friend in London who told me that it is a great idea to have a friend with whom you can sleep with and have no string attached.

Way Safer Than A One Night Stand with A Stranger

Casual sex can be a bit risky but not when it is with your friend. Having sex with someone you have just met puts you in a higher risk as this requires you to go back to their place with absolutely no knowledge about them. You also don’t have to spend a lot on escorts, all you have to do is call your friend and have all the fun you want.

You Could Fall in Love

Having of sex influences your body to do things that are not under your control: When you orgasm, oxytocin is released which is the holding hormone, which makes you want to feel closer and get comfortable with the person you are with. An entire another course of hormones makes you feel energized in a similar way you do after a going on a rollercoaster. Your body is sending your cerebrum signs of affection, of passionate association, regardless of whether your brain is stating you can keep things entirely business. Which means both of you might start catching feelings for each other. And who knows? With a sound premise in kinship, in any case, it could wind up being a long-term relationship, which is not a bad thing.