London is a beautiful city to live in. The fresh air and the calm wind blowing over Marylebone from time to time make it a better place for me and other people who move a lot. Jack said it feels homely even though it was his first time here. He had come on a business trip that lasted a week, and I was happy to be his escort.

The hot summer sun was up the sky when his plane landed in Heathrow. He didn’t intend to stay lonely, and being his call girl, we had arranged that I would pick him up. Jack is tall and well-built. He is charming, unlike other boys I have spent time with. Even though I do not often indulge in a client’s business, I felt an irresistible urge to enquire into his business.

You don’t want to know how much I know about him two weeks after he left. His business didn’t thrill me more than his personality. He is talkative and fun-loving, and a teen like me loves to hear stories of distant cities. A chatty client makes things look natural for a model too. Our first night together started long before we planned. We arrived in the hotel room minutes before five o’clock on a Saturday. You could have felt the silence that befell us after we had locked the door.

He was tired, and after the long journey, a hot bath was well deserved. After unpacking his bag, I helped him into a robe. I felt his hand grab my bottoms as fastened the robe on his waist. His member organ had also started rising to the occasion. The next minute I stood in front of him with only my underpants. His hands must have worked a miracle on my shirt’s buttons and the zip on my skirt. Now they all lay on the edge of the bed.

I felt the warmth of his hands as they cupped my breasts from behind. At the same time, a lightning-like feeling traversed my body. An irresistible desire was consuming what was left of me. When I came to, he was carrying me to the bathroom.

The water didn’t feel warm. Not that the summer heat was anything, but our bodies were almost igniting with want. Jack scrubbed my back while I went to clean his member organ. When I tilted my head to stand beside him, he lifted me and pinned me to the wall. The feeling was sensational as he thrust his member in me. A girl like me would give anything to be with Jack again. But like the escort I am, I got to keep it professional.

The next morning, I took Jack to see the offices he would visit during his stay after breakfast. I longed for the night for his tight grip on my buttocks and the feel of his hairy chest on mine during the day. The thought of being his call girl for the next week kept me smiling even when he was away from me. And even today, I keep looking forward to his call. I hope he will return, if only for me to escort him.