Change Your Perspective

When you approach a woman do not go with the mindset that, you may be disturbing her or that you are begging her for companionship. Instead what you should do is to keep the mindset that you are the opportunity for two people to meet. This opens up a different perspective to overcome your anxiety. You are providing an opportunity for the girl to experience companionship, you are asking her politely not begging, this should always be kept in mind.

Accept the Denials

Even before you approach the girl, accept the fact that there is a 50% chance of her saying no. When we acknowledge this denial, we can overcome it. This acknowledgment is kind of like a confidence booster because you have managed to waive off that factor of denial which holds you back. Accepting the denial also means not to push her decision or keep on begging her to allow you or try our services. Never force yourself upon anyone. Take the decision and leave it.

Build Courage by Acknowledging Yourself

When you are going for the girl you desire, acknowledge the fact that you are overcoming your boundaries and finally stepping out. Encourage yourself positively, and you will retain your courage. Instead of seeing the whole process as something fearful, imbibe your mind with positivity and self-evaluating remarks. When you condition yourself to do this before you approach someone, you end up being confident and courageous.


Remember that there are plenty of other women, who want to interact with men, so don’t beat yourself if you can’t approach anyone correctly for the first few times. After a lot of interactions, you will start to realise that it’s not a huge task instead it is just a casual interaction between two people. Do not jump yourself into conclusion each time you meet the girl, interact more and in the end; you will find a woman who is compatible with you.

3 Second Rule

The three-second rule is the golden rule that can be followed by men who lack the confidence to approach. This rule acts as a catalyst for your faith. What the rule states are that you should approach the desired girl within 3 seconds of you seeing her. This prompts you into action and reduces the chance of you over analysing. You should be a man of action and brim your conversations with confidence, the right kind not the cocky one.

Share First

Introduce yourself first and share your thoughts about her, then you give her the chance to talk about herself. This should be done in a natural way, not in a way where you will be butting into her conversation. Make a proper introduction and make her comfortable, put up a point of topic for the conversation to pick off, when you introduce yourself.