For years, I wanted to try permanent hair removal but laser clinics in London are so expensive, it costs around 3000 pounds to treat several areas. Clearly, the price was a problem. Luckily, thanks to technology, a home laser hair removal machine is more affordable and it is supposed to provide similar results as in a clinic when it comes to hair reduction.

Thanks to my partner, for my birthday, I finally got what I wanted, a new brand IPL device to remove the unwanted hair. It’s a Philips Lumea device, shaped as a hair dryer I would say. Other than that, I can not tell you more about the product because I haven’ t tried it but soon I will. 

First thing after I got it, I opened it and started reading the instructions. Of course, I couldn’t help it to go online and look for other people’s results and indications. I was always interested in others’ opinions and experiences and was happy to find only positive reviews about the Philips Lumea device.

I was amazed to realize that before using this device I first need to prepare my body. What does it mean? Well, you need to not wax or plug your hair for a month before you try this device, or else you won’t get the results you want. All you are allowed to do and even indicate to do so is to shave, so let’s shave ladies for a whole month 🙂

Also, it is important to have no rash or eczema in the area you want to remove your hair. Many people also suggested using numbing cream, which will help the pain. After that, I can easily start to remove my hair with this magic device. 

To be honest I do consider it magic. How else can you name it when this little device, because it is little, can remove your hair permanently? And more than that, you can do it at your home, in privacy and whenever you decide you have time for it. No appointments no nothing. I find it a true gift from technology. Thank God we live in this period of time where technology can give us that and much more. We are so blessed we can not even imagine. Only when we get across with something like that, that blows your mind on how much it can do, you realize how lucky we are.

I am fascinated by what technology can do for us. I know what I want for my next birthday, I have my eyes on a new gadget, this time a home device that will treat fine wrinkles and age spots. I did a laser treatment before my wedding, did actually 4 sessions and the results were fantastic. I would like to try the Tria Age Defying Laser, heard only good things about it. 

Anyway, in conclusion, many thanks to my hubby who bought me this magic device. I can not wait to try it and work its wonders on my body. I am sure this is the best gift ever that I got. I will get back to you guys with updates. Have you ever tried a hair removal device? Is it worth it?